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Short Term Bridging Loans

Same Day Approval - Short Term Bridging Loans with Funds Paid in 48 Hours - up to the Value of Your Property1

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284 Google Reviews
Kim Kelly
Being able to defer payment was fantastic for us. Our campaign was able to commence immediately and our house was on the market straight away. This is certainly a bonus
July 2022
Alex Speirs
To all concerned, it's been really good working with Realty Assist, they understand that the initial outlay of selling your property can be stressful and in this day and age money can be tight for most families. Realty Assist helps reduce the stress by deferring the on costs until the property sells. Thanks for your understanding Realty Assist.
July 2022
Alison Campbell
How fantastic this allows me to pay my marketing bills later when I sell my house plus I have so many bills right now with selling my house this certainly is a great helping hand Thankyou Realty Assist!
July 2022
Joe Kristof
Great experience from a very professional organisation.
July 2022
Debbie Mealing
Very friendly easy to talk to people, they're very happy to help with any concerns or if you need help with anything. I would highly recommend them.
June 2022
Debra Thomson
What a great easy to work with process. So efficient
June 2022
luke turner
A very simple and convenient process, with everything moving digital it made our experience easy.
June 2022
Dene Hopkins
Great service, very prompt and helpful. Highly recommend this service to anyone selling their home.
June 2022
Dellas Port
Wow! What a fantastic way to assist seller's by deferring market costs until settlement. And so easy to use. Not only do they take the financial stress out of putting your home on the market, but they will even lend you more money to fix up those little things around the house so that you can present your home in the best possible way. And again, repayment is deferred until settlement. Cannot recommend more highly.
June 2022
Darshan Patel
This Guys are best in there field.. really helpful and great with there services. I am not regretting my decision
June 2022
George Petrinovich
Makes sense to cover all marketing expenses at settlement. Less upfront costs to deal with.
May 2022
Alex Knight
So simple and easy to use. No stress involved. Love the service.
May 2022
Hazel fox
Fast, efficient service and a stress free option when selling your property
May 2022
Kay Woodcock
What a fast efficient way to process the payment. Wonderful service.
May 2022
Fiona Newman
Realty Assist Make selling a house so easy by organising all aspects of marketing for us! And it is so helpful that they allow deference of payment until settlement!
May 2022
Fred Morrell
Great service allowing you to free up money at a time when you have more expenses getting ready for the sale and decluttering
May 2022
Philippe Francis Lodoiska
Good assistance to vendors. Nice and easy process. Pay later option. Very reasonable marketing prices. Recommended.
April 2022
Casandra Maria
Pretty straightforward - easy to use and understand.
April 2022
Jackie Nugara
Realty Assist Australia have made selling my home much easier and have taken a great deal of the pressure off during a normally stressful process. Being able to pay for the marketing campaign at settlement is a game changer...
April 2022
Maureen McPhee
Realty Assist was so easy and the option to defer the payment until settlement is a godsend. Thank you
April 2022
Leonie Barbour
Fantastic service, easy to follow and understand, with a pay later option.
April 2022
stuart mcphie
Cool idea,not upfront fees. Works for our situation. Very easy to set up.
April 2022
Rob Stefanovski
A very flexible and affordable solution for preparing your home for sale. I'm an agent and understand how much time effort and money goes into preparing your home for sale... simple and affordable. Highly recommend it!!
April 2022
Margarita Houston
Quick, easy and flexible process to suit any situation. Very good service
March 2022
han Ah-Hoa
The process was easy and fast. Thank you for allowing me to put my home on the market with an option to pay after.
9th March 2022
Steve Steve
Good service and the result I wanted which helped me out. Deferring the cost of marketing until later when I had more cash. Yes there’s always a downside to the interest charged, although it wasn’t huge.
7th March 2022
Michelle Mahony
Funds cleared super fast, easy process and really helped us out. A perfect example of a service that is a win-win for everyone!
February 2022
Trish Kelly
So, so easy! Realty Assist Australia helped me get my property on the market super fast in the safest way! No hassles, no worry 😊 Thank you!
February 2022
Erin Thomas
The process was so easy and straightforward and has taken so much stress out of what is already a very stressful process!
February 2022
David Phelps
Absolutely outstanding service. Extremely professional and genuinely talented.
February 2022
Brenton Greatrex
Absolutely fantastic service and flexible options. I can advertise and sell my house without having to put any money down. $50 is a small price to pay to defer for 60 days. Thank you
February 2022
Ajdin Fetibegovic
Sam and his team go above and beyond to assist wherever they can. Fast and very efficient service. Recommend these guys over and over
February 2022

How it Works - Short Term Bridging Loans

Selling or Sold Property

Selling Property
You are selling or have sold your property but you need access to some or all of the settlement funds - fast - before it settles.

Get in Touch

Get in Touch
You get in touch and let us know how much and how fast you need access to your settlement funds.

Process Application

Process Application
We review your details, process your application ASAP and keep in touch with you at every step.

Pay Settlement Advance

Pay Settlement Advance
We quickly pay your settlement advance into your chosen account, as soon as your application has been processed and you have agreed terms.

Use Advance Funds

Use Advance Funds
You use your advance to bid at auctions, put down a deposit, buy your new home, make repairs or for any other approved settlement advance purpose.

Extend Advance if Needed

Extend Advance
Your advance is set up to run for 60 days. However if you need more time before your property settles, we can automatically extend your advance terms.

Property Settlement Completes

Settlement Completes
Your property settles and Settlement Advances is automatically repaid out of the settlement funds.
Your application will take only a few minutes to complete, so you can get your Short Term Bridging Loan as quickly as possible.

Compare Settlement Advances to Bridging Loans

Settlemet Advances Logo Typical
Bridging Loans
No Credit Check tick cross
Borrow up to the Value of Property1 tick cross
Same Day Approval tick cross
Typical Funding Time 24 - 48 Hours 2 - 3 Weeks
No Application or Admin Fee tick cross
One-off Credit Fee2 tick cross
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Short Term Bridging Loan Calculator - Examples up to 60 Days

Example Borrow Repay
Preparing for Sale Costs $10,000 $10,600
Property Advertising Costs $15,000 $15,900
Pre-Sale Property Repairs $25,000 $26,500
Deposit for New Property $80,000 $84,800
Bid at Auction for Property $150,000 $159,000
Purchase Property $500,000+ VIP Rates*

What are Short Term Bridging Loans?

SettlementAdvances.com.au offers a short term bridging loan alternative, called a settlement advance.

Settlement advances release the equity you have build up in your property - fast! Advances can be set up and approved on the same day with access to funds, usually within 24 to 48 hours. In urgent cases, we have been known to approve and fund the advance on the same day; such as when the vendor needs access to their property's equity in order to bid on a property at auction, on the same day.

Advances can be utilised for any number of purposes, ranging from home repairs or improvements, property listing and advertising costs, all prior to the home sale. After the house has been sold, but before settlement, advances may be used for putting down property deposits on the next home, bidding at auction or even to cover the costs of buying a new property outright.

The loan term is set up for an initial 60 days, giving sellers time to prepare and sell their property and once sold, giving time for the sale to proceed through to completion at settlement. Advance terms may be extended for an additional 30 days (or more), when needed.

See How it Works above to learn more.

How to Qualify for a Short Term Settlement Advance?

Settlement advances give you fast access to the equity you have built up, in your home. In order to qualify for a short term settlement advance, you need to have build up equity in your property.

If you do not own or have not recently sold your property, then you will be ineligible for a settlement advance, as you will not have any property that can be used as security for your loan with us.

We can only approve settlement advances, up to the value you have in your property1. We do not make any credit enquiries, so your credit history will not effect your ability to qualify - unlike with traditional bridging loans.

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Everyday Customer Stories*


James was advanced $88,000 on his home settlement to bid at auction

James sold his property on a Tuesday and wished to attend an auction on the upcoming Saturday to purchase his new property. Unfortunately, the banks advised a wait time of approximately 14 days to get a bridging loan in place. This would mean James would miss out on the auction and perhaps buying his next home.

Luckily, with RealtyAssist, James was quickly advanced $88,000 from his sales settlement on the same day he applied and was able to bid at the auction. He was successful in winning the auction!

James got the home he wanted and got the funds in his account within 15 minutes of his application for a small fee of just $3,695.


Helen was advanced $260,000 on her home settlement to purchase a retirement home

Helen was looking to purchase in an over 55's. Retired and equity rich but cash poor, she was unable to service a loan for the deposit to make the purchase into the new property.

RealtyAssist was able to help with the entire purchase price of $260,000 in under 48 hours and Helen settled on her new place before she settled on her sale. The sold home settled two weeks after she was already happy in her new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short term bridging loan?

A short term bridging loan, gives you access to the equity you have locked up in your property, that you are in the process of selling, under unconditional offer or have recently sold. Also known as settlement advances.

What situations can settlement advances be used?

Short term bridging loans or settlement advances, can be used in two different situations:

  1. Prior to sale - preparing the property for sale, such as maintenence and repairs, as well as covering associated costs, such as property listing costs.
  2. Prior to settlement - when the property is under offer or has recently sold, but you are awaiting settlement but need access to the cash before the settlement date. Where you may need to put down a deposit on another property, bidding on a property at auction or the outright purchase of another property.

Can settlement advances be approved on the same of application?

Yes, they can. When applying online, select 24 hours, so we know the need is urgent. We will then call you back as soon as we can, during regular office hours. When you complete your application online (takes just a few minutes), we will tell you what documents you need to have ready, so that your advance can proceed smoothly.

Examples of documentation required:

  • Contract of Sale - (if applicable) for the property you are selling or advancing against
  • Mortgage Statement - PDF document issued by your mortgage provider
  • Solicitor or Conveyancer - (if already arranged) their name, company and contact details
  • Identity Verification - A clear, colour photo of the front and back of your Drivers Licence

Are there any faster loan products to bridging loans?

Yes, there are. Bridging loans from banks, can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to get approved, or rejected. Settlement advances are faster than bridging loans, as they take advantage of the fact that the property is soon to be sold and the funds can be easily repaid at settlement. Settlement advances can be paid on the same day, 24 or 48 hours, in situations where you need access to your funds quickly.

How long does the application take?

The application with us should only take 3 or 4 minutes. We just need some details about your advance needs, the property you are selling or have already sold, and of course, your details, so that we can contact you, to complete your advance.

How much could I borrow or advance with a short term settlement advance?

The amount you can advance with us, will depend on the amount of equity you have locked up in your property, that you would like to access.

If the property you are selling, is pending settlement at $700,000 and you have $200,000 left to repay on your mortgage, then your equity in the property is $500,000. You could potentially advance up to $500,000 with us, in as little as 24 hours.

The advance is set up for an initial period of 60 days, which can later be extended for an additional 30 days or longer.

The maximum advance amount is $5,000,000.

How much will a settlement advance cost me?

This will depend on how much you are looking to advance with us. See the Repayment Costs Chart for some examples.

When do I have to repay my settlement advance?

Your advance will be set up to run for an initial 60 day period. This works well in most cases, but we understand that in some situations, longer periods may be necessary and so on expiry of the loan term, it may be extended for a further 60 days.

What documents or details will I need to provide?

See below for a list of common document requirements. The actual documents needed will depend on the stage you have reached, selling your property.

  • Contract of Sale - (if applicable) for the property you are selling or advancing against
  • Mortgage Statement - PDF document issued by your mortgage provider
  • Solicitor or Conveyancer - (if already arranged) their name, company and contact details
  • Identity Verification - A clear, colour photo of the front and back of your Drivers Licence

How can I speed up my advance approval and funding?

To help speed up your application, complete the short enquiry form above, which should only take 3 or 4 minutes, give us your advance details (make sure to select '24 hours'), contact details and property details straight away. We will give you a call back, so be ready to accept a phone call from us or give us a call directly to 1300 893 199, during office hours.

Can I get a loan to buy a property before my house sells?

Yes, you could. If you have sold your property and are awaiting settlement, you could get access to the equity you have built up in the property1, allowing you to purchase, or put down a deposit on your next property.

Should I sell my home or buy a new home first?

The ideal situation is where you can align the selling of your old property with the purchase of a new property. However, things don't always work out the way we would like them to. If you don't have a deposit handy, apart from the equity in your home, it makes finding a new property difficult. To give you additional flexibility, you could use a settlement advance. With a settlement advance, it could give you access to the equity in your property, allowing you to put down a deposit on, or buy, a new property quickly, without having to wait for the settlement date of your old property. This way, you can ensure you don'w miss out on the property you want, just due to cash flow issues.

How do I get a short term loan for property repairs before I sell my home?

Settlement advances can help you with that. Click on Get Started, above and complete the short form.

How long is a settlement advance loan for?

Settlement advances are set up for an initial 60 day period, which may be extended one or more times, depending on your needs.

Can I get a short term property loan?

If you currently own (or have a morgage) your own property, with a settlement advance, you could get access to a short term property loan. Providing you are intending on selling or the property is under unconditional offer and you are awaiting settlement.

What parts of Australia do Settlement Advances cover?

Settlement Advances service the whole of Australia. We have offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but can offer settlement advances on your property wherever you live in Asutralia.

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